you can’t keep chasing what doesn’t want to be caught

The sound of her heart pounding rang through her ears. She halted, sweaty palms resting against her knees, as she took in a few deep breaths. She’d been chasing after it for months now. An endless game of tug-a-war. If she were lucky, she’d catch the end of its heel long enough to hold it for a little while. But alas, it grew clever and slick, and slipping out of her grasp was easy. She squinted her eyes, its shadow too far to see, and she realized then: “You can’t keep chasing what doesn’t want to be caught.”


how goodbyes happen

You either get to say goodbye or you don’t.

It’s mutual or it’s not,
It’s sudden or it’s not.

It lasts for a lifetime or it doesn’t,
It hurts or it doesn’t.

It’s a goodbye or a see you later.

It’s never somewhere in-between
and that fucking hurts.


growing up

She wasn’t ready for time to pass by so quickly.

It leaves a wake trailing behind even as the dust settles underneath her toes. Glancing down she notices new scabs and bruises coloring her pale skin.

Hadn’t she just cleaned them yesterday?

Or was that the day before yesterday…

She blocks the sun from her eyes and takes one step forward. Sometimes, growing up means walking even when it hurts.

it starts with

Her eyes are soft and gentle and kind.

When she smiles you don’t doubt it – you embrace it.  She calms you and you find a quiet sigh escapes your lips. You wish the moment would stay there… but it doesn’t.  It moves along and takes you with it. So sometimes you look back.  You hope to find what you once saw.  You dream of finding that moment again and holding it tight.  Unyielding to looking away… but it doesn’t work that way because you can’t come back. You can’t return. You can only go forward.

august is almost up!

For a while now, I’ve been a little apprehensive of August coming to an end.

It’s the inevitable mark of change ready to boot up and remind me how it likes to linger around me.

Change is not my cup of tea but I can be open to its presence.   Right?

Honestly, it’s wild how fast this summer has flown by.  I feel like I haven’t lived it – yet at the same time I know I have.  Does that make sense?

The heat waves have come along with those chillier nights.

Of course not shy of a crush and many new friendships.

Summer is such a sweet time I love and dislike at the same time.  It begs for me to slow down, whilst my mind says speed up.

It’s crazy thinking how different this summer has been from last summer.  Not just physically – with the culture and people around me but also emotionally.

In this moment I feel content.  Summer has been good.

Fall is coming (HA!  That makes me think of Game of Thrones…. where it’s Winter is Coming…. ;P) and just as the leaves are going to start turn other colors and drop to the ground, so will my life change.

And frankly, I’m a little too excited about my change in wardrobe once those cold days start appearing!

starbucks, my friends

I’m in Starbucks.  I haven’t been in one in a long time.  (Fingers crossed, I will work at one this summer.)

I’m here with my cousin.  About thirty minutes ago, this guy said something which had me laughing.

He said:  “It’s a shit box.  We live in a shit box.”  I took a secret picture of him and send it to my cousin, with his comment highlighted on the photo.

This comment makes want to work here even more.

I want to interact with people who will blow me away – in any way, really.