the way he looks at you

It ought to change things,

the way his eyes find yours and you stand a little uneasy, unsure. His look holds a small quiet promise that perhaps it’ll ignite¬†something. That maybe, if he keeps looking at you and you keep catching his¬†gaze, he’ll move toward you and say the things your heart longs for him to say.


sometimes looks are just looks and they aren’t strong enough to move mountains.


tuesdays: the day my feelings catch up to me

“I’m not fond of Tuesdays,” she said, “They’re hard… They often trick me by starting off good, but half-way through something changes and the day grows cloudy. I feel lost, alone, and aimless. The day trickles on and eventually, after 8:30 pm, something changes. I feel better, the day is almost over.”