in the words of a young girl

‘Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.’

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

It’s almost midnight and I should be headed to bed.  I’ve got a long day tomorrow, but I can’t sleep before I write something out.

(funny how some nights writing is just a must…)

I sat on my bed and Anne’s words came to mind.  I couldn’t remember her exact phrasing and therefore, looked this quote up.

But that’s okay.

I like how she says, dear old world, like she’s talking to someone who’s lived for so long.

And here’s the truth (because I’ve committed to writing as much truth – although not always clear – as much as possible on this blog):  I am very glad to be alive in this world today but slightly frustrated with it.

I’m single and that’s okay, I’m just feeling this inch on my back.  It comes and it goes and it’s making me unsettled.

The unsettling is hard to understand because it’s contradictory.

It wants and it doesn’t want and it doesn’t let my mind rest some days.

More specifically at night.

Even so it makes me wonder what this dear old world knows.  I wish I could tap into the world and see the many stories it possesses come to life before my eyes.

I wish I could fully understand this yearning in all our hearts.

Because I know this:  although, God is enough for my heart – my heart still wants this small piece to my life-like puzzle.  A piece that as I grow older, I keep discovering that I don’t believe is a bad desire.  I look at Adam and Eve in the garden and how God said, it was not good for man to be alone.  God made Eve for Adam.

Adam needed communion with another person.

In some odd way, God’s communion with Adam was not enough.

I’m not sure how to end my thoughts … other than to say, ‘Dear old world,’ Christiana mumbled, ‘you are very confusing, but I am glad to be alive in you.’


during a quiet night

I often travel to old words and my heart beats hard –

it trembles at what it finds.

I feel the tears forming in my eyes and I turn away.

Do I acknowledge the private,

do I unveil the secret?

Or do I hide it in the shadows,



I am mistaken.