The way we talk to ourselves

In the last five months, I cannot count on my figures how many times my friend told me, “Christiana you are too hard on yourself” or my mother reminded me, “You think too much and dwell on things too much.”

Self-talk … Negative self-talk is a real thing. I’m my worst enemy sometimes. Especially in times of change when I have to make decisions that seem impossible to make. Where the next step looks hazy and I just someone to make my decisions for me.

There’s a lot of truth in the piece below. Give it a shot if you tend to talk negatively to yourself.

Reimagine Therapy ™

Our health is a reflection of how we talk to ourselves. It took me decades to reach this conclusion. I’m not talking about all diseases but about the mind-body stress relationship that causes an array of different symptoms even when we are “oficially” not sick via testing or a doctor’s diagnosis.

Why did it take me so long? Because first I had to re-learn that we are a whole (spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, psychological beings) and that you cannot take care of just one part of yourself and discard the others as less important. I say re-learn because we once were whole, just take a look at small children. That was before we learned to suppress feelings, emotions, pleasure in experiences  and thoughts.

We are part of a collective and  cultural subconscious. Once, Freud introduced the idea of an unconcious which guides each of us in a unique way, but…

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