rolling through week four!

Week four!! I’m on week four of teaching. Time is flying, ya’ll.

Some weeks, I love teaching other weeks, I could do without all the paper working following me around!

Anyways… I am a very proud COMM 210 instructor. I absolutely am so thankful for all my students. Last week, they all gave their first speeches and they all did so well. Also, they are just good students. They listen to me, I don’t have a lot of things to complain about and they engage. Ok, my first class, they could engage a little more, but we’re working on it.

My favorite thing is when they email me. I really enjoy interacting with them. I enjoy seeing them figure things out. In the last week, I’ve had several students email me questions, only to email me two hours later with the solution. They are so cute when they are like: Nevermind!! Figured it all out.

I have co-workers who have difficult students and I cannot believe it since mine are all so good. I just feel so thankful to the Lord for a smooth first semester of teaching so far. For giving me students, who understand me well (to an extent) and don’t drive me crazy. I wouldn’t mind that either. But I hear stories other GA’s have and I just feel so blessed for my sections. They are precious.

I keep saying I don’t want to do this next year, but who knows… Maybe I like it more than I think.

Wow, I seriously, cannot write a cohesive happy post.

Anyways, this all to say, teaching is going well.


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