a quarter of a century

Wow. Ok. In a few days, I will officially be able to say, “I’ve lived a quarter of a century!”

Weird, right? Honestly, when did the time fly. Not cool, time!

So, I feel like I’m not ready for my birthday to come. Granted in Greece, I’m already considered 25, but whatever.

The point is… I feel strange stepping into, through and out of this year. Holy moly, my oh my, I just don’t feel 25.

I’m not fond of this feeling. For as long as I have known myself, I’ve anticipated my birthday and happily wanted to be one more year older. Ugh not to mention a couple of weeks ago, I was rolling my eyes at someone for saying the same thing I am about to say for turning 30. Lol, do I suck or what? ;)

Well, I guess this week has felt a little emotional. I said goodbye to my family for good until, maybe, Christmas and a nice dose of hormones kicked in for the week and well, now you have my lovely self feeling slightly melancholy. Growing into an adult daily is hard. There is so much people don’t tell you when you’re younger, or they do and you just don’t listen, I suppose.

It doesn’t apply, so it doesn’t matter. But I guess, I just pictured myself in a different place than I am today. Which is an odd feeling to admit because I’ve been anticipating this moment for a while. School starts in two weeks, I’ll be taking two new classes and teaching three classrooms about communication. Change isn’t my forte but I’ve been very excited about this change.

But I guess, it does just all come down to that I’ve thought things would be slightly different. As a young girl, I dreamed of things I hate announcing to the world that I miss. Ugh world why do we put so much pressure on us 20-somethings and then 30-somethings etc etc and why can’t I just be happy with what I do have?

Looks like I’m having my quarter of a century crisis. Hopefully, this means I’ll be skipping right over mid-life crisis cause that’d be awesome.

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