graduation blues

Today my cousin graduated from University. I drove up to his college to celebrate this milestone in his life.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much his graduation reminded me of mine. I felt a wave of nostalgia rush in as I sat remembering my own experience. I don’t often miss my college days. Actually, I sometimes wish I still lived in the same area with college friends, but it’s not a yearning I long for a lot. I don’t consider my college years to be the best years of my life.

I don’t think I’ve lived the best years of my life yet.

Anyways, I sat at Taylor University Commencement service – OF COURSE – I compared it to Spring Arbor’s… I do this all the time between the two schools. Oh Spring Arbor, yes you are so special to me.

These last two days have really made me think and caused me to feel like I’ve missed something, but I’m not sure what. My college experience my not have been the ‘best years of my life’ but it was something special.

Those were the first years I began to really discover and grow into myself. I took time to figure out what I like and who I am and what I want to be. I may still not have the complete picture – but college sure helped me grow up and learn to be independent.

So thank you Spring Arbor for all the wisdom and knowledge I learned from you. I cannot wait for 2017, when I graduate from Ball State, to see where I’ll be then.

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