sweet cheek kisses

I left the office today with a pressing thought: I love receiving kisses on my cheek.

No, I did not receive one today, but I was reminded of a day I did.  Joan (a sweet lady, I love dearly) was in the office today.  I said goodbye to her on my way out and I was brought back to a time during this past summer.

One day, she was in the office and I was being silly.  (You know, a normal occurrence for me :P.)  I told her that the next day she came in she had to bring me something sweet.  I elaborated by saying, it didn’t have to be necessarily chocolate but it could be something less expensive like a kiss on the cheek.

Honestly, I wasn’t being serious – I was just being goofy.  I don’t even remember what spurred me to tell her to bring something to me.  I think it was because she was leaving and I was being dramatic saying she could only leave if when she returned she’d bring me something back in return.  (I think that’s how it went.)


The next day, I was taken by utter surprise.  In my typical fashion I had forgotten about my words, but Joan hadn’t.  She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

“There, this is the sweet thing I brought you today,” she said with a loving granny smile.

Even if I’d been given all the chocolate in the world, it wouldn’t have amounted to the love I felt in that moment.  The sweet kiss on my cheek touched my heart more than I would have considered.

As I posted below, I got to see my dad sporadically in the last two weeks.  Relatively, each night we said goodnight to each other we gave each other cheek kisses.  It’s so Greek that it’s thoughtless.

One of the things I miss the most about Greek culture is the kisses on the cheek.  I never thought it’d be something I’d love so dear… considering, as a child and young teen I found it mundane and well, awkward at times.

Even so, it’s something I’ve come to appreciate a lot.  I think because it actually causes people to draw near and be intimate.  It’s not as intimate as a kiss on the lips (which I have yet to experience and therefore, cannot say if that is more sweet than one of the cheek) but in order to kiss a person on the cheek one has to come very close.  One has to eliminate the barrier that often keeps others at a distance. Plus, cheek kisses can be given and received by anyone!  Not just by lovers… I think that says a lot about how special cheek kisses are – don’t you?

Conclusion: all cultures should have cheek kisses ingrained in their society!


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