a new adventure

I did something crazy about a month ago.  As in, I applied for a job I still find surreal.

Since my early teens, I’ve known I can been a bit of a risk (spontaneous) taker.  There are certain traits of my personality that surprise me.  I guess, they don’t necessarily add up to the image society places on a young woman.

I am timed but there’s a certain thrill I feel when I do something unexpected or when my adrenaline pumps through my veins by doing something physically dangerous. (Like running around on the roof of my parents house with absolutely no fear of falling down.)  I just do things.

When my life sets into a certain rhythm… I often find myself feeling bored and unsettled.  Nothing I do makes it right until something changes.  Which is crazy because living life outside of a day-to-day schedule frustrates me.  See the problem?  I both like and dislike being organized.

So what’s this job?  It’s a part-time zip line tour guide position!  How sweet is that?  This past weekend was training – 10:30 hours!  My sides and arms were hurting like crazy!  On Monday, I basically laid in bed all day resting up.

But the pain and the physical weariness doesn’t phase me at all.  Because I loved each minute of riding down those zip lines.  Learning how to send people, receive them, save them in case they got stuck!  All the while meeting some pretty awesome new people.  The best part about it was feeling young.  I emphasized the word young because I haven’t been feeling it a lot lately.

I haven’t been experiencing new things or going on adventures.  I discovered this weekend how much I love change.  Okay, but also I hate it.  Like before all my training this week, I had the worst sleeping schedule and woke up each morning dreading how everything would go.  (Which I am sure I will feel once we actually get groups of people on these zip lines.)

HOWEVER I love how change brings new things into my life.

This summer, I am going to get to spend it outside taking people on zip line adventures!  Like how cool is that?  I am so pumped!  All because I dared to inquire about the ‘Now Hiring’ sign outside of the paintball place.

And basically, that’s all adventure is sometimes.  Doing something, outside of ones comfort zone – experiencing life.



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