i could write a novel on all the songs i get stuck on

My current jam is a mashup of the songs Timber and Counting Stars.  It’s a fun upbeat song and I love it.

It’s sung by this kid Sam Tsui.  I stumbled across it randomly on Wednesday while at work.  My coworkers had to live through me listening to it on repeat all afternoon – as I also happily bounced around on my seat and sang along.

Basically, just as Timber  tells me … I just wanted to dance and move.

Which as I have thought about it more I appreciate being told to dance and move cause it’s too easy to just stay still.

And here’s the thing, Spring is basically almost here!!!  Since the weather has started warming up again, I’ve been actively making myself walk a little more when I go to the super market or just shopping.

It’s been the best thing walking outside again.  (I totally wished I lived in a city where I would be required to do it all the time!  OH city life how I miss you!)

It’s the best thing to just move.

So please do yourself a favor and listen to this fun upbeat song :) (click) and don’t forget to dance a little!


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