riding solo in a car

She lays in bed tonight watching YouTube videos raging from trailers to comedy to music – quietly wishing for a long car ride.

There’s a juxtaposition of silence and sound in a car.  The wind blowing, the music blaring, the damn air condition fussing… crafted by a silence of being alone.  (If she sings at the top of her lungs, she knows her neighboring car driver will only see her lips moving but will not hear the possible off-key.)

You see no matter how loud the noises sound, the silence feels louder as her thoughts pound themselves out.  Hitting, bruising and escaping the inside… they beg to render into the silence of sound.

“You do some good processing in the car, don’t you?”  He asks.

A small smile covers her lips as the dots meet.

“I do,” she can’t help but say, maybe realizing this for the first time.

How can she deny the vibrant power of a solo ride?  Trapped in a vehicle with the noises within?  All she can do is finally confront them.  There are no distractions – even the music drowns under the volume of her mind.

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