update about my life? sure why not

One thing I love about God is how well He guides me.  He’s been so good to me.

A year ago, around this time I’d been planted with a thought of moving to Indiana.  At first, I didn’t want to even think about it – nah dude, I wanted to do my own thing.

However, as the thought lingered in my mind, I began to think about this opportunity that was rising.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Slowly things progressed and soon enough, I knew Indiana was going to be a destination I was going to hit.

I was going to work at this church I’d come in contact with.  It was going to happen.  I just knew the more I talked with the Pastor from the church, the more I thought about it… the more I wasn’t going to be able to keep away.

Now, a year later, I’ve been officially offered the position of Family Ministries Director.  I went from Intern to Interim Family Ministries Director to now the official person.

I feel blessed.  I can’t believe how God has worked through me.  How He’s connected my heart.  Honestly, how He’s made my heart so loving that it cares for complete strangers.

And now, with a job more permanent it’s time to think of a more permanent living place.  I don’t think I have enough financial cushion yet to move out on my own.  However, I’ve been thinking about it since Sunday when a friend brought it up.

I’ve never lived on myself or had my own place – ever.  I’d like a roommate too.  But the more I think about it… the more I feel like I want to try.  I want my own place.  I want people to visit me.  I want to host.  (I’ve always felt awkward about hosting, but I want to do it so bad.)  I want friends to come over to my place.

I love where I live now.

However, I feel the time is coming for me to discover more of myself in a different environment.  In a place where I am responsible for my own needs.  Where I pay for rent, utilities and life in general.  Frankly, I’m so scared of something like that but at the same time, I feel like I want it so bad.  I didn’t realize I’d like this idea so much.

I just want to do it at the right time… At the time God has ordained it – regardless if it’s easy or hard.  I want to keep moving forward in the ways that He wants me to because it’s the best way.

So today, I am excited about the future.  I’m excited where life is going.  I don’t feel as lost as I did a few months ago.  No, I feel like for now, I am found and tomorrow is just another day to enjoy.


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