i’ll fall on you

For the past week, I’ve had a specific song stuck in my head.  It’s not surprising because I tend to get stuck on songs often.  I’ll listen to them until I wear them out or discover a new one I need to listen over and over again.

Of course, my love for each specific song remains always.

My song this week has been Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher.

I’ve gone to bed each night listening to it as I fall asleep and I’ve played it at least 20 times on the piano.  (Okay, small exaggeration there….)

But right now it’s my jam.

With one line hitting my heart each time:

When I cannot stand, I’ll fall on You

Now note how it doesn’t say: when I cannot stand, I’ll stand on You.  Out of the bazillion times I’ve listened or sung this song, I’ve only sung that line correctly about 6 six.  I almost always say stand on you instead of fall on you.

Obviously, there’s a reason I keep saying stand and not fall.  Falling is an image of defeat.  I keep thinking Matt Maher should have written that when I cannot stand, I’ll stand on You – because it feels strange that God would let us fall.

But as I keep spending time with this song and singing it, I’m realizing that we do fall.  When I can’t stand anymore, I fall.  I don’t keep standing even if God’s right there with me.  He lets me fall, but He doesn’t just let me fall – He lets me fall on Him.  (If I choose to fall on Him.)

The point is – when those rough nights hit – we can lean on Him.  Fall on You means to lean on You when that weariness hits in.  When no person’s words or touch is enough, but the rest we find in Christ’s arms.

And actually, I suspect that sometimes it’s refreshing to fall on God because we don’t have to worry about landing – He’ll always catch us.


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