dyeing my dress

On Monday, I put thought into action.

I’ve generally seen myself as a non creative person.  I have a hard time chipping in ideas when placed on the spot and when I look around my room, I don’t see any artist outlet.  (Which maybe due to the fact that I haven’t had an empty room to fill on my own, yet.)

However, I’ve already always wanted to be a creative person.

I like using my hands and making something.

Perhaps, it’s the stigma of artists.

To some extent, I am an artist because I write and for the most part, writing is seen as artistic and creative.  Especially, since I’ve created stories out of a blank page of paper.

Artist tend to have a look.  In the 90s, I feel like you knew who an artist was by the way their presented themselves.  Now, in 2013, I feel like artists are linked to hipsters or the personal of a hipsters…. Meanwhile, those not fitting that quo seem less artistic.

All having to do with their outward appearance and now the essence of their being.

Personally, I think all people are creative.  In all different kind of ways.  They can be creative in almost every area of their lives.  It’s just a different kind.

What I am finding is most creativity is not acknowledged.  Or in my case, not put into action.  For a long time, I’ve kept from doing things because I didn’t myself artistic/creative, which obviously (in my head) meant, I cannot do something creative.

I cannot buy paint and paint a canvas – it’s foreign… it’s not me.

However, I’ve been changing that thought process lately.  I’m getting into my creative side and I’m expanding the way I work.


On Monday, I had a fun time dyeing a dress from white to purple!  Most of it was chill time, waiting for the dye to sink in, but it was still great.

When it was finished, all I wanted to do was show it off because I don’t do this often.  I wanted others to celebrate in my accomplishment, because in my mind, I stepped out of my normal habits.

And you know what?  It felt good!! :)

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