one day i’ll be a zumba queen!

I had my first Zumba class today!!

I did like half an hour and then sat down, thinking: I will never get energized by this workout.  I watched as women twice my size kept up and continued going, while me – this 5’6″ white skinny girl could barely manage.  At first I felt embarrassed, but then I decided I didn’t care.   The majority (or possibly all) had done these dance moves before, this was my first time!  I could be lenient with myself.

As I followed along, I remembered how I have absolutely no dancing charisma at times.  Really, body just doesn’t get the memo of dancing at times, even though I love it.  Especially when I am learning new dance moves.  Seriously, I am not hating on myself, I’m being honest.  I watched myself in the mirror and at first I wished it wasn’t true.  However, by the end, I found myself smiling at my reflection.  I’m just this skinny long thing, who moves awkwardly and has no curves to save her life!

Okay.  So after I sat down for a couple songs.  I got back up and danced along following the instructor – trying my hardest.  I didn’t go all out but I continued.  I did more than half the time and I am very proud of how long I lasted.  I haven’t worked out in years and by the end, I felt like I could keep going.  If the dance moves had been just a little slower, I think I’d been perfectly fine.

From now on, I’ll be working out at least twice a week, if not three!!  It’s so much fun and it really does feel nice.


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