simple joys, really

Since drinking coffee at 10 am today, my heart has been racing.

I’ve decided coffee is stronger in America and has some bad effects on my body.  Too much caffeine makes me feel weird.

However, I don’t think it’s only the caffeine that is bumping up my heart rate.

Three things have made me a very energetic and excited girl today.

1) I got a text from a friend.  He just got back from being deployed.  He’s alive and well!  After almost a year, he will be reunited with his beautiful wife!!!! and it just makes me feel so giddy with happiness.  I simply cannot get over this news.  I spent a good part of my morning fan-girling over this discovery.

2) I’ve decided to start a new blog with a new friend.  I cannot express how excited I am nor can I give any details yet, but I will soon.  It’s gonna be amazing!!!!

3) About a week ago, I was talking to a friend who lives out in Cali.  For the past two years now, since she moved out there, I’ve wanted to go visit her.   As we spoke, we decided September could work as a good visiting month. Also one of my cousins lives there.  As this summer has begun, I’ve found a very great and deep desire to go there.  Today, I decided to make this thought a little bit more official by telling my cousin.  And now, I just want to go!!!!

Honestly though, I have no words right now.

It’s funny, because I messaged my cousin and his response about me visiting was beautiful.

I couldn’t contain my happiness.

Which is funny because I was in my car driving and I just kept dancing to the music.

Yes.  My only true medium of releasing my excitement is by doing a very spastic and odd dance.


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