it’s too soon to be lost

I tried very hard to please you.

I spoke as I should and was careful with my words.

Until I got tired.

You reminded me of the shadows, told me to be quick.

You shouted with a victorious cry when you thought you’d won.

You belittled my mind.

And I wonder if it makes you happy,

when you make me small.

When you come out the winner, while I am the loser.

I know I do the same thing again and again, I repeat and take too long to explain… but I had hoped you’d be kind.

What happened to the vows?

I will love you in the good and the bad, in sickness and in health…. etc etc etc

Do I believe you lied?  No.

You promised me a promise I secretly wish you’d remember, but understand why you do not.

Maybe I’m not easy to live with.  Maybe I make life hard.  Maybe my mindlessness is not easy on you.  Perhaps, it’s my fault as well

for the hole we’ve stuck ourselves in.

I just wish we knew how to dig ourselves out.

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