my pomegranate tea latte

I made a last minute decision and ended up in Spring Arbor, MI for the weekend.

The College seniors walked yesterday and I got to see them.

It was really neat.  I really enjoyed myself.  I saw a few professors and said goodbye to friends, whom I wish I saw more often than I do.

Last May, when I walked, I was under the impression that I was done with Spring Arbor University.  Even though, I did have a hard time saying bye to friends.

However, in the last two months of returning to the states I’ve been proven wrong.

As long as there are people I know resting in the Arbor, it will be my favorite place to visit.  I feel so comfortable here, so at home – safe.  I don’t want to live here, but I really do love the emotions it springs up in my heart.  I just enjoy talking with my previous professors.  They’ve been faithful to me as a person and my dreams more than I ever thought.

I never expected to leave a University with friends of all ages.

Anyways.  Now I sit in Biggby.  One of my favorite coffee shops because it has my favorite drink: Pomegranate Oolong Tea Latte.  Yummmmm



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