twenty two years and I’m still a lousy packer

I hate packing.

There I said it.  Sadly, it doesn’t hold a lot of merit because I say it all the time.

I’m an awful packer.  I take forever – stare at my suitcase, with my eyes and beg it to load itself.  I put on music to entertain myself and find I drift off singing along.

Two hours later?

You’re right, the suitcase isn’t close to its finished line.

I’m not sure why there’s a problem.  I’ve packed hundreds (yes, slight exaggeration) of suitcases – should be a pro.  Yes, I ought to be a pro.  People should pay me to pack their suitcases.  I should be the master of packing.

But I’m not and I don’t care to be a master at anything.

Perhaps, if I were smarter I’d make a ‘How to…’ about packing, but it’s really a no brainer.  If you don’t know how to pack maybe you’re not meant to be a traveler?

Wait, what?

Then I ought not to be one.  But I am.

I just hate packing.

One thought on “twenty two years and I’m still a lousy packer

  1. Packing can be fun if you do it right. Really! Part of the problem is that people don’t know how to do it well. And doing it over and over again is merely repeating the same mistake. Until someone tells you how to do it. I learned a lot from

    So how about creating a travel capsule wardrobe with clothing pieces that can be mixed/matched/layered for lots of warmth and different looks? Say… 2 pants, 2 cardigans, 5 shirts (1 long sleeve 1 a tank) and maybe an easy dress. Add in a skirt if you like. A pair of dress shoes, a pair of walking shoes. Include a pair of leggings and a light silk long underwear top to add warmth when needed. Done.

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