i like to feel songs

There are two songs dominating me at the moment.

1901 sung by Birdy and I Can’t Make You Love Me sung by Bon Iver.

They are deep, soulful.  Songs about heartache.

A funny concept.

We all have heartache.  It’s constant and it’s strong.  Often about things or people.  And normally, most of us hide this ache.  We pretend it’s not there and go about our day.  Try to live life to the fullest, but perhaps feel we’re just a waste.  Or wish we had this deep heartache lovers write about in their songs.  We ache to feel ache.  We listen to songs hoping for inspiration.

And when I close my eyes and listen to these songs, I feel the ache.

I may not have the same problem addressed in the song, but I understand it.

Listen: [ Birdy ] or [ Bon Iver ]


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