thinking about tomorrow


I find, I am incredibly disappointed by people all too often.  Not necessarily, by people I know but by humanity.

I observe them and demean them stupid.  Lost in idiotic ways and easy sheep to an evil prey.  Grown men unable to say no and women too vocal to make any sense.  Suppose, we are the ones to change the world – what a terrible job of ruling we do.

My thoughts tonight come from a movie, a protest and words spoken to me.  Are we just weak and frail unable to discipline?  I speak for myself too.  Countless nights, I do nothing to press forward, but sit expecting life to change.

Friday, I walked the streets of Thessaloniki and found a main road covered with fliers – with a blue font contrasting the white.  I stopped and snapped a picture, continuing my way, noticing the people getting rowdy.

Aren’t they tired of it all?

They want a better tomorrow they say, return Greece to its glory.  Yes, by cleansing the land of impostors and immigrants….adapting their ruling to that of a new nazi, one living and breathing in Greece.  They call themselves the Golden Dawn with worrisome tendencies.  Too many stories have been told about them and I worry.  Thankfully, not all follow their doctrine.

Alas, here lies a nation with a past which dooms its future.

We all know its history… will those once philosophical Greeks remain, just as they were before, stubborn and prideful?


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