my precious little friend

As we lay in bed, I noticed the tears trailing down her cheeks – though, she soon tried to wipe them away.

“I’m just going to miss them,” her sweet broken voice spoke, “Just like I’m going to miss you when you go to America…”

“I know,” I mumbled in reply.  Feeling all too much of the same feeling.  I rubbed her head and her tears were all dry.  Soon she mentioned how much she had wanted to go with them.

“I want to see it too — ” She searched for the word for a moment.

I gave her the answer she needed, “Snow.”

“Yes, I wanted to see that too.”  She paused, taking a breath, “I know it’d be cold, but I really wanted — ”  Little more talk of this missing and hoping to see, I was sure would lead to more tears.

I managed to distract her with my phone again.  For the life of me, I’ve still have yet to understand how this darn thing can occupy her for so long, then again, it does the same for me at times.

Not long after, she’d forgotten her worries for a bit, but my mind still wrestled with the truth.

The next few days, I would be spending them with a thirteen and four-year old.  Meanwhile, the parents would be traveling to Bulgaria for business concerning a sold house.

Since the purchase of my ticket for America, I’ve tried to ignore the reality.  Learning each day, I’m not one ready or good at goodbyes.  I dislike having to go from being with people to not.

I had been feeling extremely happy about leaving, but now – when the reality sat in – I’m not so sure.  There are people here who breathed life into my soul and mind and heart whom I am not prepared to leave.  Not because I don’t believe it’s time, but because I will miss so dearly.

Her tears broke my heart.

Soon enough, the distraction of my phone was gone.  She looked up, hearing her parents walk past the door as they ready themselves.  Her eyes were wide and I saw them water.

Opening the palm of my hand, I waited and she filled it with her own.


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