learning to write again

I’ll be truthful and say, lately writing has been hard.

I don’t believe in writer’s block – per say, but recently, writing hasn’t come easily.  However, this may be due to a piece of me not caring enough to write.  I haven’t sat and let my mind wander with thoughts or notice little details.  Definitely, not in the last month at all, I’ve been too preoccupied and busy.

Writing is not something I enjoy forcing myself into doing, but I believe in discipline and exercise.  Similar to playing the piano, I will only get better by playing.  I will only become better at a craft if I spend time developing and exploring.

Honestly, my mind has been aloof.  Lost in TV shows (yes, I admit), but also life and people.

I’m happy.  I mean, I feel good.  I am not a fan of my noticeable ‘laziness,’ however, I find my heart in this restful place.  I may not be moving actively forward, but I’m not stagnate.  I don’t feel lost or worried.  I’m okay without definite future plans.  Yes, I have preferences, but I’m choosing to trust the Lord will guide me.  Lead me to the place He will have me land in the coming months.

As a friend of mine put it: “I’m excited for God’s plan.  I’m excited to see what will happen!!”  Regardless, if it’ll be new or old.  I’ve found a level of contentment with being at home, I can manage anywhere.  (I’m personally, beginning to believe home may be one of the hardest places to be.)

Anyways, all to say, I’m getting back in the boat of writing.

I was inspired today and I’m hoping the inspiration will stay for a little while.


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