first impressions

I learned a great lesson last year.  I lesson easily forgotten, but then easily remembered.

What lesson is this you ask?  A lesson about first impressions.  They’re great, aren’t they?  The quick and easy way to know if there’s chemistry between two people.  Never mind if someone is having a bad day, in the end, he or she will be remembered by their first impression. A good first impression can guarantee success.  Or well, failure.  After all, wasn’t  it a bad first impression that doomed Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy on the long journey of Pride & Prejudice?

My new hobby is writing my impressions.  Meeting a person and then jotting down my thoughts.  Each has been different based on person and my feelings toward that person.  One only happened once – I wrote my thoughts, decided they wouldn’t be changing and left the document.  As for another one, I wrote my first impression and then returned the next day to write my second impression.

A goal I have is to post impressions on here – in the future.

Anyways, my lesson was this: people aren’t their first impressions.  Not even close.  They are extremely complex with lots of depth.  I cannot begin to explain how wrong I have been.  In the past, I have had numerous first impressions and came to find, I was only drinking in what I wanted to see or what a person was feeding me.

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