The silence haunted her hollow body.

She stood looking at his chair and picturing her father.  The hours had drifted by, she had felt hunger but ignored her belly groan.  She presumed he would be back here any time now.  After all, his favorite game would be on soon.  Perhaps, he decided to turn off the television and head to the bathroom.  He was probably stuck there with nasty business going on, she had convinced herself.  One thing her father did not need help with was using the bathroom.

Her arms were held tightly over her chest and she stubbornly decided to ignore that her father never turned the television off.  He’ll be back, shortly she kept thinking.  Stuck on a constant repeat.

And she would have stayed there.  She would have starved herself and deprived herself of life, just as he had been deprived.

“India…” his voice was gentle and quiet.

She did not respond however, her eyes were glued on the chair.  The armchair on which her father sat.  There was white hair on the dark fabric head rest.  The arm-resters were worn and turning white.  All around the armchair were crumbs of foods India never gave time to clean.  In fact, she avoided to go near his chair.  She had told him it was his duty to at least clean the area he lived by.  However, he never did and therefore, the floor was worn and dirty.

“India!”  His voice was sharper and he blocked her view.

A frown covered her features and India attempted to push the man out of her way, but he stood firm.

Eventually, her strength wore out and she let out a sigh.  Heaviness slipped out of her lips and she felt him hold her by her elbows.  Her body shook and tears rolled down her cheeks.  They were hot and thick.

“He’s coming back,” she gasped out, to him, “Danny, he’s coming.  It’s almost time, you know?”  She asked him, an attempted smile was given by her trembling lips.  “He wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“India,” Danny spoke in a gentle tone and then slowly, hesitantly asked,  “When does Pop ever turn off the television?”

“Oh god,” she choked in response.  The lifeless world around her taking root in her mind.  Losing all balance she felt her knees give up their determination and India whispered, “He’s gone.”


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