to be moved by a simple song

I remember the first time I heard this one song.

Two of my friends had just began co-leading worship at the church I was attending.  A newly founded gathering with few attendance and caught in the battle of recognizing itself.  As all new churches must learn to partake in.   This my was during my senior year of University, when it was completely up to me to decide where I’d spend my Sunday mornings.

The lights dimmed and the music ripped the vibrant silence.

As their voices began to skillfully follow the melody, I felt a chill run down my back.  This one song isn’t sad, but forever one that will shake my soul.  I peeled my eyeballs from those singing and turned my attention to the scrap paper in my hands, quickly writing down the tittle and artist of the song.  Internally so glad they’d put a slide up with the information.  Later, I would search the net and find this song.

When the lights finally came up, I felt the weight of the song lift as well.

I say this, because no matter the time and how it passes, this one song still moves me.  There’s a raw demeanor to it as a whole – complete of pureness.

And as I laid in bed tonight, unable to sleep, I decided to postpone trying and listen to this one song.  My forever battle to conquer over sleeplessness was overruled and put aside for now.

Why?  Because this matters.

Songs that move the soul are powerful tools of feeling.

And the thing is – I’ve shared this song before on this blog.  I’ve put up a clickable video of this song.  At first, I thought I would just do the same again, who cares if I’ve already done it before.  However, a few words about a song won’t show it’s significance, right?  I wanted to prove it.  This song both soothes and rests my soul, but also terrifies and strikes it.

I can’t get over how hauntingly beautiful this song is to my ears.

click to listen to this one song. ]


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