His name is Jack.

He wants to be a lawyer but is afraid.  He’s not sure he’ll make the cut.  They like smart lawyers and he’s not sure he’s very smart.  In fact, he sometimes calls himself the Six-foot Dummy.  He’s not a fan of winning, but playing it nice.  He prefers to let another take a go at it than give himself the go.  He finds life complicated and unsure about explaining its logistics.  He spends most of his day reading, trying to learn all the basics and secrets he finds necessary to know.  However, he has a hard time remembering – therefore, he goes through everything twice.  Even women.  He hasn’t spoken to one in two months but his ma, sisters, and lady-friends (whom he doesn’t consider women).  A woman is a new person he hasn’t known for years.  He’s afraid of change and therefore, keeps a strict schedule: wake up, studying/class, two hours of social time and then a short read before bed.  He doesn’t get out much and hasn’t seen the sights of a bar in years.

You see he suffers from small self-esteem.

No one has been able to lifts his spirits in years.  No class or professor has given him the push he’s needed.  Or at least one he’d accept.

Until he met Grace.

Two months ago, she was the last woman he spoke to.  For a while, he was doing good.  He was meeting people and he was interviewing.  Jack was really excited because he was almost positive that he would be a real lawyer soon.  He even bought a new suit to celebrate.  (You see, when he gets excited about life, he buys suits.)

They celebrated by drinking champagne and getting slightly drunk.

Jack told Grace it wasn’t chance that her name was grace for she had brought some into his life.

Until the phone call arrived.

He didn’t get the job.  The man on the other phone broke Jack’s heart.  That day he stopped talking to Grace.  He no longer answered her phone calls.  When she appeared out of no where, he’d walk past her or ignore each word escaping her thin tight lips.

He regressed.

Jack hasn’t come out of his hole for two months and refuses to let anyone crawl in with him.


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