with the help of a kind sir…

“Excuse me, how do you say this?”  I heard my dad ask a man nearby.

I had seen him come with his tray and sit down.  We were in a Burger King, in Turkey.  My eyes had drifted over and looked at him the moment he sat.  At first thought, I decided he’d sat by friends, but then realized the couple sitting there previously had actually left.  He taken the seat beside them, the table just hadn’t been cleaned off yet.

He had himself a hamburger and fries.  Nice black shoes, dress pants, warm coat and dark hair with a touch of grey.  My guess he was early thirties – mom said, maybe he just looked older than his age.  We never asked.

“I’m going there too!”  He said, his voice cheerful.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes!  I show you.”

He didn’t know much English, but fairly enough to get us by.  He talked about the metro and we said we had a car.  Somehow, my dad and I let it go that we’d show us the way.  All the while knowing that when my mom came with our food, she’d be weary of the decision.

As we ate, he told us about himself: basically that he owns a five-star jewelry shop downtown.  He shows us pictures of the many diamonds in the store.  Mom and dad were good at ‘wow-ing’ and ‘ooo-ing,’ along with my chiming in from time to time.  Frankly, neither mom nor I are diamond girls, so we didn’t bother much.  Plus, between breaths mom would comment her theory: the man wasn’t being entirely truthful, he was probably just an employee, but wanted to impress.  Personally,  I didn’t care if he was telling us the truth or not.

Our conversations to the car and in the car (all in Greek):

“Michael, do you trust him?  What if he takes us somewh–”

“Yes, I do.”

“Besides, he’s a little man.  We can take him.”  My dad said assuring my mother and I smiled.  I had thought the same thing.

“Okay, since you say so.”

“You know, I thought the same thing,” I told my mom.


“The man, he’s probably going to take us somewhere…”

I opened the door, mom and I got in the back seat.  Dad opened the front door for our new friend – whom we of course had the best words to talk about.

A new adventure.

“You know,” I started again, “He might be small, but he could take us to big people.”

“I thought the same,” my mom chimed in.

“He’s going to sell us.”

“And he believes he’s the boss of his shop and he wants to impress us.”

Lastly we decided when we reached out destination: “He was an angel.”


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