if you’re hungry, go to TURKEY

Why do you have to go to Hungry, Greece & Turkey?
“Cause if you’re hungry, you can have greasy turkey!!!!”

As any young missionary kid, I picked up a good old missionary joke.  I would tell it to ignorants with pride and boast with a happy grin.

Honestly, that joke was my golden one.  I thought it was cleaver and funny.

Well, now, I can say, I’ve gone to Hungry, I’ve lived in Greece and now I am resting in Turkey for a few nights.

My travel of the world is expanding.  It’s my first time in the Middle East and next week I go to Israel.  This Muslim nation is very interesting.  The ground, the people they look like Greeks but no matter the similarities it’s all quite different.  I’ve always consider Greeks as crazy drivers, but until you come to Istanbul (Constantinople) you will not know what crazy driving means.  These people here drive inconsiderate of the white lines on the ground.

Seriously, it’s utter chaos.  You move your car inches to the right and a car hocks – same to the left.  Barely any space to move anywhere.  The two emergency lines (on each side) are occupied by drivers.

This is what a city looks like under panic and not normal strides.

I suppose it’s their life, their rhythm, their normalcy.

I haven’t seen much.  Tomorrow, we’re going to the city center.  I’m going to take pictures like mad!  I just wish I had a nice camera, but my iPhone will suffice for now.

Random fact: A weird part of me likes being a tourist.  It’s fun.


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