miss you…

“You’re a piece of shit!”  He says and she stands there without a word in reply.

This isn’t the first time he’s spoken to her this way.  Today, he’s warming up – hasn’t even gotten angry yet, only annoyed.

She’s not one of evening the odds and therefore, lets his dirty tongue sly.  Regardless, he waits for a fitty voice to snap a sharp answer.  When he gets none, he turns and leaves.  A quiet scoff at the tip of his lips.

He doesn’t realize the pain he causes because he doesn’t see any real response to his words.  She seems cold and detached from him.  She’s been this way since his Pa died, when his anger first leveled out.

When he was younger, he thought his nasty words and vocal threats would cause her to lash out, react.  He has been unsuccessful, of course.  And what started as a child in darn need of attention turned into habit.

Now, it’s just natural that he’d call her a shit.  Afterall, her feelings are rock solid.  Nothing can cut through her brick walls.

But the poor thing never hears her come in when he’s fast asleep – in the middle of the night – to sing him a lullaby.  Always ending in i miss you so


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