fun fair

Juliet Bones is nothing close to a risk taker.

Incompetent of change, Juliet spends her days quietly drifting into an abyss of emptiness.  She lives in a silent world found within the confinements of her bedroom and scarcely comes out.  Solitude is a luxury she refuses to abandon.  Her natural habitat is consistency and no alteration from her defined schedule.

In a sense, she gets locked in and forgets how to exhume.

Yet she’s found herself outside.  Her eyes closed tightly and her heart racing.  Billy Bones, you see, is a restless boy.  He never quite agreed to leaving his beloved twin sister locked away.  His stubborn character lived to alter the course of her life. To bring life when she found herself forgotten how to live.  He comes and pulls her out – despite her dispute and anger of this forced change.

They go through their cycle.  Billy spends five weeks in request and Juliet says no.  Some days, he sits outside her door and knocks – each knock responded with a no or not now, Billy or I’ll think about it or leave me alone and again, no.  Juliet just as stubborn and sure of herself.  Her no’s and refusals slowly wear down as Billy’s preservers.  With his silly gifts, unrealistic jokes and cheesy smile.

“Pleeeease sis….”  He whines to her eventually, and Juliet no longer refuses.

And so, here she stands.  The ferris wheel before her and a deep tremble within her.  Billy is holding her hand and Juliet is sure if he let’s go she’ll run off – back to her closet of a room.  To her desired solitude.

Her eyes are closed.

“Juliet,” she hears her brother whisper.  The heat of his breath whisks into her ear and causes her to giggle.  Juliet is unable to resist the sudden urge to shake her body and rub her ear on her brother’s shoulder.

“Open your eyes,” he says, squeezing her palm.

His voice was faint over the sound of human chatter, music blasting, screaming, laugher.  The noise keeps her from paying attention to his voice and her heart heightens its speed.

“No,” she begins, her voice low and shallow, but after the word slips out, Juliet finds she feels more confident in light of her feelings.  “No, no!  I don’t want to.”


“It’s too loud, Billy!”  Juliet shrieks and Billy quickly grabs her other hand, pulling her closer to him.  Allowing, his own calm pulse to calm her racing heart.

“Shhh,” he lets out, reaching up and rubbing her cheek.  “Just look at me.”

He taps her nose as he notices a light frown.  “Oh, come on.  You know you’ll love coming out, eventually!”  He chuckles and Juliet wishes her eyes were open so she could roll them.

And that’s what did it.  She opened them and let her eyes focus on her brother.  Then he quietly, with a pleased smile reached out and turned her head.

Soon the big round wheel was all she could see.

“It’s beautiful,” Juliet spoke quietly.

“How about a ride then?”  Billy asked, tugging her forward.  “And remember, I’m the risk taker – you’re just a companion.”


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