i am more stubborn than i often admit

“Come.  All those who feel burden, come and let the Father refresh you.”  He said.

I felt the tug, the desire for prayer.  But I refused it.

I didn’t want to go forward.  Even though, my heart and soul ached to receive prayer.

Frankly, ‘going forward’ is not a particular favorite of mine.  At least not always.

I stayed in my seat.  Standing, eventually.

I told the Lord, I wouldn’t go unless I was noticed.

The preacher would have to notice and come for me – if the Lord truly wanted to speak to me.

And sure enough, when I least expected it – as my eyes lay closed – I felt a hand take mine and pull me forward.

I was brought to the front.  I was prophesied over.  I was brought to tears.

The Lord noticed
my stubborn little self.


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