yesterday, today and tomorrow

No other time matters more than today.

My humanity has struck me.  I recognize that I illusion myself.  I either believe it’s now or never OR I lay awake believing nothing is chasing me to catch my tail.  In full health, I ride on clouds and have little parades.  As sickness comes to destroy my body, I fear I’ll waste away and have come to my end.

Where’s the balance?

The meekness of the truth rounding up humanity?  I may be frail, but I live as a superhero – longing for others to notice.

I disregard the misfortune and only look for fortune.

And in my distress, I forget to humble myself and slash my pride.  For in humility, I only learn each moment is precious.  Holding a time of absolution and uniqueness.

It is up to me to determine my day.

To take a step each day and let go of my sorrows.  To look for the light and take the first step.  A step toward fellowship and wholeness.  Forget about the many times I’ve tried and failed OR tried and lost over time.  Treat each day as my new beginning and my last mistake.

For I am filled by grace and made for more than a shallow ended life.


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