what i think about while riding in a car

Oftentimes, I wonder.  I’ll be in a car and I’ll sing along to a song.

Many times, I am not the only one sitting in the car.  There are others and they do not always speak English.  However, the music is always in English.  Always, exulting the Lord – Jesus.

Those others – they haven’t a clue what they listen to as they sit in the car.  To them, the music and the singing must be plain noise in the background.

However, I sit there and wonder.  I wonder what they think of the music – specifically, about this music that they cannot understand and another sings along close by.

And then, for a split second, I wish I couldn’t understand in order to know.

I want to hear English, but I don’t want to understand it.  I want to hear Greek, but not understand it.  I know there are many other languages I do not understand, but there’s something about my own teo languages.  I don’t know if they sound pretty – if my ear would enjoy the sound of them, if my tongue could not speak them.

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