i shall call her, “she”

Her voice was hollow and cold each time she spoke.  A sentiment of pain rested within the confinement of her soul.  She couldn’t understand why she felt the way she did.  Speculations had grown her tired and she didn’t want to think of them anymore.

“Am I to be always so sad?”  She asked, but the room stayed still.

She had forgotten the assistant had left – hours ago.  She was alone.

The silence made her feel nervous and weak.  Trapped within the walls of her fears and lost expectations.  Her solitude did not help in the solving of her problems, but rather enhanced the weariness within her.  She could not find a way to say no to the pondering questions in her mind.

Those questions that condemned her.

The ones that reminded her of what she had lost and what she had given and where she might be going.

Her fingers trembled and she would blame it on feeling tired.

The burden upon her back was heavy and large.

Somehow, it had decided to rest there for a while now.  In the quiet of the room often it would reach up and pry her mind.  Whisper accusations and little white lies.  The assistant never had a way of helping her keep at peace because the burden stayed on when the other was gone.

The burden was with her always, hiding in the light of the assistant, but sly in its appearance when left alone with her.

Reaching out she grabbed a blanket and pulled it over her shoulders.

She would not sleep and be found with cold shoulders.


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