at one point or another… death will come to bid us all farewell

One thing all beings have in common is death.  At one point or another, their heart stops and the blood no longer flows through a body.  They become lifeless.

I’m talking about death and not what comes after.

So far, there has been two people I’ve wished I would have seen before death took them.

My greek grandma and a good friend of my family, Andonis.

She was always a person of perseverance.  A worker who didn’t give up without a fight.  She would walk miles and miles to find food for her siblings and then head back miles and miles to feed them.  She was the oldest.  She was responsible.  She was lovely, with pure affection.  She always gave us little candy’s at church when we asked.  She’d come and do the dishes for us.  Clean our house and feed us.  We called her Rambo because she knew what we were up to.  She knew when we didn’t eat all our food; more specifically, she knew what we did with it.  She knew if we threw it down the toilet, gave it to the dog or put it in the garbage.  She always knew.  She was short, but very warm.  Her heart made her bigger and gave her a voice no one could deny.  She had a heart for animals and fed all the cats that came to her balcony.

I’ve heard the question – If you could have a day with a person long dead, who would it be?  Many answer Mother Teresa or other greatly known people.

I would choose my grandma.  I wish I could share who I am today with her.  Today, I am someone she can truly be proud of.  I wish I could tell her about my life and my accomplishments.  I’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with her.  Get to know her.  Ask for forgiveness for not spending more time with her.

I never got to say goodbye.

The worst is that so many people never had the opportunity to meet her.

As for Andonis, when I got back home this summer I knew he was in the hospital.  I wanted to go see him.  Sit with him.  This kind and gentle man, who holds a pure heart for the Lord.  The poor man has been suffering for over half a year.  I wanted to at least let him know he’s not forgotten.

However, I didn’t see him either.  Death met him last night, just as my grandma was met.  I will see them in Heaven, but dear are they missed here one earth.


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