what is a character?

Her name is Stephanie and she wonders if anyone ever notices how her left eye twitches.

It doesn’t always happen, only when she’s nervous.

Like when people ask her about her name.  Their eye balls stick out and their lips twitch.  She keeps herself from looking at them for too long.  Besides she needs to answer.  She’s a grown woman now.  No mother or father to do the honors of introducing her.  At least not often.

And so she stumbles through her own name.  Stephanie Amelia Monroe.  She’ll say, with a stutter she never thought she had.  A stutter that makes her seem slow and not as intelligent as she could be.  This very stutter that caused her to lose the opportunity of sharing a secret.  Not that the secret needed to be told, but Stephanie had wanted to say it out loud.  Then the moment passed and all she could do was hear herself say I-I-I-I haa-vv-havee a-a-aaa and she knew she’d never try again.

The secret was hers now.  And as such it would remain.

All the while the left eye.  It twitches.  As if her eye were under attack.


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