george orwell

“Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness.”

I read a blog post this morning called I don’t wait anymore.

I can’t get it out of my head.

Not for obvious reasons.  At the end of her post, I did not think: OMG THIS GIRL HAS IT DOWN – BRILLIANCE.

Rather, my mind ran to my opinions and George Orwell.

As human’s we idealize life.  We get caught up in wants and hopes and dreams.  We forget the real passion and chase after faulty passion.  We see pictures and beat our ‘evident’ boring lives up.  We are full of jealousy and envy.  We constantly think that this other person has it better than us.  We see a married couple and want to be just as them.  We see a single person and wish we were still single ourselves.  “Marriage is a dance and whoever is not in wants to be in and who ever is out wants to be in” – as my mother proudly says, often.

I agree, relationships have been blown up and it’s wrong of Christians to make single people feel like crap.  I often get angry, because the moment people find out I’m single they look at me sympathetically.  They pity me – when there is no need to pity me or make me feel less than them.

I am perfectly content with being single.

I won’t lie, there are lonely moments, but a woman or a man in a relationship can easily be lonely just as well.  Having a person there with you, having children, does not drive the loneliness away.  Rather, this annoying feeling of being left out or alone will follow you everywhere like a plague until you learn people will never be enough for you.

Until you understand that the only thing valuable in life is Jesus.

It’s not about ‘falling in love with Jesus’ but loving Him.  There is a difference.  Jesus will never be your boyfriend/girlfriend, nor is He meant to be.  He’s God, for goodness sake.  He’s a lover and He constantly pursues His Bride, but His pursuit is different from that of one from the opposite sex.  He’s driven out of pure love and adores your adoration.  He wants your love.  He told us before He left that we shall love the Lord our God – first and foremost and love our neighbors as ourselves – therefore love others, but love ourselves as well.

And so, he doesn’t say, your life will be full of happiness.  However, He does promise joy.  He doesn’t say your goal in life is to find a spouse, have a family and be merry – but His call is to love Him first.  Above all else.

To know, the object of life isn’t happiness but fullness of His love in your life.


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