alone time is a necessity, not a maybe

I realized something tonight.

The world cuts people as either extroverts or introverts.  Apparently, extroverts are better than introverts.

At least that’s what I’ve always been led to believe.  If you’re an introvert it must mean you don’t know how to have fun or enjoy yourself.  You’re boring and lonely.  You’re caught up in your world and don’t get along with people.

What a joke.

I’ve come to realize how many introverts have it right.  Actually, introverts have it easier than extroverts.

God calls us into solitude with Him.  Jesus went into solitude with His Father.  He pulled away and rested in the presence of the Lord.  Alone – yes, with no one else.

And so, introverts know how to come into this place of solitude.  However, extroverts constantly move without a moment’s pause.  Of course both can hinder.  I’m just realizing more and more that solitude is necessary, but not a place of habit.  You go and stay for a bit and come out.

Jesus always came back out.


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