reading through isaiah 40

“In the wilderness, he was…”

Over a month ago, while I was on staff at GTHOP (grand traverse house of prayer), Morgan had all of us read Isaiah 40.  Our week’s assignment was to read the passage at least twice a day.  From what I remember, I read half of the week and the other half I didn’t.  I intermixed.  I forgot.

I woke up today with a challenge.  A desire.  Isaiah 40 came to my mind immediately as I stared at my Bible.  I often wonder what to read and how, because often feel like I don’t know what to take on first.  The Bible is so big!  Maybe, just read and who cares the pattern I take?  I don’t know.  As I wondered about what direction I should take – Isaiah 40 pinned itself in my mind.

Therefore, I’ve decided to spend the next month in Isaiah 40, trying my hardest to read it each morning.  To create a pattern of opening my eyes to the Word in the morning, at the beginning of my day.

On the left side of my website they’ll be links to my observing.  Named with the format: ‘isaiah 40 – day #.’  My goal is to post everyday.  Sometimes, if I don’t have time it might be some notes I’ve jotted down on a piece of paper.  However, I really want to do this and see what I find!


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