i’m making a list and checking it twice

I’ve decided I need a list.

A list that keeps me occupied and stimulates my creativity.

I recently, watched a video about introverts.  I may have admitted in a previous post that I am an introvert %100, but I’ve always argued I’m an in-between and I really believe I am.  The reason I bring this up, however, is to say – in order to find creativity, I must seek it.

I must cause myself to find the creativity in the world – to give myself time to explore it as well.

Tomorrow my sister returns from her honeymoon and we’ll pack her things up this coming week, but perhaps this can be a practice for when things are calmer.  If I keep my list when life is chaotic – than perhaps, it’ll be easy when things are not.

Plus, doing something and thinking is always better than simply thinking – which I do too much of.

1. Write creatively one hour a day.  Each day, in a different place.  Allow myself to explore.  Allow myself to feel awkward.  Allow myself to be somewhere I haven’t in a while.  Allow myself to get out of the house.  Allow myself to open my eyes to the world around me.  Allow myself to do and be.  To live and not only exist – I’ve done too much of existing and not living.

2. Clean clean clean – actively work on cleaning.  I say this, because I’ve been lazy lately and don’t clean – but cleaning makes me feel accomplished and refreshes my soul.  Something very good to feel!

3. Find ways to get back into the world of reading.  Before College I read all the time, but during my time there I eventually felt burned out.  However, I want to get back in the habit of reading and loving what I read.  Stories.  I want stories to run through my mind, constantly.  I want to read stories – even if they are silly.  The only hard thing with this one… I don’t know if there’s a library near by.

4. Do some of the creative ideas I’ve pinned on my Pinterest board.  I’ve wanted to do one since last summer – make an apple out of an old small book.  I think it looks sweet.

5.  ….

Any ideas of what else should be on my list?  I realize, I can’t really check things off with this list, but at least if I have it…. I’m hoping it’ll motivate me.  Motivate me to push myself to think creatively.  To do what I love.


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