mammy. mammy. mammy blue. oh mammy blue….

Ever had a song stuck in your thoughtful little head?

It can get annoying but not always.  Mamy Blue seems to be our theme song this week.

Tonight, we went out for a walk and shopping.  Everyone got dressed up nicely and we hit the beautiful little town of Kerkyra.  When I was younger, I often went into my mother’s closet and played by myself.  I would put on her clothes (pretend they fit) and put on her shoes.  She says, I would talk to my imaginary friends and make all kinds of voices.  To be honest, I don’t think I ever thought anyone could hear all the voices I did or at least know I had multiple stories going on.

I barely remember them now.

Dressing up and feeling nice has grown on me a lot.  Mostly, because I’ve finally reached an age and understanding of knowing what I look good in, but also feeling confidant in myself.  I remember years ago, how awkward and uncomfortable I felt with my body.  I wasn’t one to feel I was beautiful or even believe myself to be beautiful.

I thought I was secondary.

I no longer believe or think of this reality to be true.  Sometimes it creeps up and takes me by surprise, but for the most part I’ve learned to love how I look and who I am as a person.

All to say, there’s so much beauty around.  Having a song suck in one’s head.  Walking through shops and talking in the night is so unbelievable beautiful.  I’m astound by how lovely the day and the night can be – it’s not an either or, but a both. The world is so incredibly beautiful, we just have to notice.


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