i haven’t been on a vacation in a long long time

Growing up, my family vacations consisted of going to conferences and mission meetings.

We weren’t exactly the vacationing type.

Frankly, I don’t really know what to do on a vacation.

Currently, I’m on one with my parents, another couple and my sister and her husband.  We’ve gone to the island of Corfu or Kerkira in Greek.

Everything has calmed down.  It’s restful.  I still can’t wait to be alone with a piano, but this is very nice.

I miss having Kali around.

My emotions come and go, and then go everywhere.  I woke up Sunday crying because of all the change in my life.

Starting with graduation, Traverse City, the accident, a relationship, leaving, transitioning, returning home, sister’s wedding and the list feels like it can go on and on.

In two months, so many things have changed in my life.

I still don’t think I’ve had time to think.  I’m not sure when I will.  This coming weekend is another wedding and then moving Kali down to Athens.

August feels like it went by, but slowly.

I’m ready to feel my soul just rest.  Rest in the present.

Though, I’m pretty sure I’m far from my time of resting.

Somewhere on our way to Corfu:)


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