the tainted glass

Where are you and where are you going?

So many lies. So many stories. So many thoughts and feelings.

You are rash and never consider the tainted glass in your window. You walk on by, with ease and no care – ignoring the obvious stare.

I wonder when you’ll stop. Pay attention. Maybe even notice how ugly its appear.

Perhaps then, you’ll learn to listen.

Listen to the words that go unspoken. See the tainted glass and not the reflection.

Find the ache and breathe a new foundation.

A world cannot be built on juxtaposition only, but needs one chord to keep a connection.

Little do you know, as you walk on by – how hopeless, how lost and completely dissolved is your complexion.

Why do you ask?

This I will tell you… if you do not look you will not find and if you don’t find you will not know, but rather be lost all your days for never noticing that darn tainted glass on the mirror, which mocks you as you walk and has no real reflection.


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