i admit – i put a lot of thought into my titles…. maybe more than necessary

I also put a lot of thought into my leading line.

Tonight, I was going to follow the pattern I have been on the last few nights.

Hit the hay

as some would say.  A phrase I personally find too silly to actually ever use.  However, after I got my newly bought pajamas (thanks to my mama!) on, I decided otherwise.

Mostly, because I realized I hadn’t written in the past few days.  Perhaps, the reason falls on the reality that I hadn’t had as much time to think.  Or the heat really lessens my mood to sit and write.  These last two nights have been nice.  We’ve had some loud and heavy thunderstorms and well, they’ve cooled down the hot gravel and cement.  Specifically, tonight it feels quite chilly under the breeze as I sit outside on the balcony.

Late September will be nice.

I’m looking forward to slower paced and less hot days where it’s easier to focus my mind, to sit down and write.

I’ve barely written in my journal.

My mind is everywhere, but perhaps, that’s not as bad as I think it may be.

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