sweeter than jelly beans

Friendship is the key to a well-lived life.

Skype dates that last 2 hours and could keep going are the best.  Affirmation is what I need sometimes – ‘specially, with the way my stupid brain works.  For it allusions that everything is wrong because no word has been spoken.  This brain goes in panic alert and stresses to the max.  It thinks since no communication has been made than obviously the friendship is broken or something must be off.

Last night I heard things I needed to hear and felt encouraged.  Plus, it was just plain good to talk to a friend who seems to be a step ahead of me.  Not putting myself down.  However, I feel like I might be in the mist of a past experience of her own.  It comes down to one step at a time.

Ah!  I love Skype dates with friendsies!!

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