these summer sicknesses can end now

Late nights and early mornings do not correlate.

The five of us went down the stairs.  Fabric day.  I’m sure each was determined in their own way.  To leave this fabric shop with success.  The heat outside bloated our bodies and the comfort of the basement cool felt nice.

My mother and aunt went straight to business looking for the best.  They had their opinions, Kali her own and Florence a helpful input.  Meanwhile, I knew I should be just as enthused (or at least interested) in our search.

I wasn’t and if history could speak for itself it would say: “Not a surprise, Christiana.”  I’m unhappy to admit.  I suppose, I tend to be easily tired or just simply uninterested when it comes to giving my ideas for wedding plans.  I don’t humor myself with believing I have any good creative ideas, anyway.

Needless, I felt a wave of heat fill my body.  Weakness frighten my very mind, and all I could think and hope for was a seat to place my bottom on.  Dizziness over the next 15 minutes choose to become my friend against my will.  My throat hurt and my back ached – annoyed that once again I hadn’t been able to sleep enough the previous nights.

Jet-lag is by far the cruelest form of a mock death experience.

“I’m going to go sit down,” I finally voiced fed up with feeling I might faint at any moment.

My feet were going to lead me to the steps we had come down, but I noticed chairs before I even made a fool of myself by sitting down.  Desperate, I headed in their direction.

“Can I help with anything?”  The man asked.

“Oh, no, I’m just going to sit,” I answered simply.

“You got dizzy, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, slightly surprised as I continued on my way.  Soon taking a seat.

I sat and rested.

Eventually, mom and my aunt noticed something was wrong.  They started talking about water and had me put my feet up.  Florence asked if I’d like some water and was ready to go buy me some when the man asked if we needed water.

Concern in his eyes.  He had a woman bring out three cups of water.

I’ve forgotten how caring Greeks can be – regardless if you’ve aggravated them in this process of shopping for fabric.

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