‘what if’ you threw up in the sea?

“Why does everything come back to sex?”

“Because we’re young and horny!”

A slight pause and then laugher.  There was none denial.  A sense of knowledge filled the atmosphere.  The truth had been spoken and there was no reason to pretend it as false.

No glances around were necessary.  They were alone.

The laughter didn’t stop, but continued to compress itself against the air around them.  The hot sun bathed their skin and the water felt just right.

Quickly one remembered a scene from a recent movie rental – Bridesmaids – happy to share.

Imitating the movie, imitating a blow job with a hand turned into a fist and a tongue pushing the inside of the cheek out.  Laughter.  The others followed.  Teasing erupted and none could contain the giggle-ness in their lunges.

“I can’t believe you’re doing it!”


“I can’t do it well!”

“Your mouth goes like this…!”

The laugher wouldn’t end.  One gagged and felt nose snot come down to the throat.  Coughing didn’t work.  Turning to the side and hoping for the suddenly upset stomach to calm but the opposite took over.  Hands quickly going to the lips, an ooze of vomit pushed itself out of the mouth.  Pasta, cheese and hot dog filled the water in crumbs of pieces and juice.

Nasty – the first thought.

Slowly and shakily a hand moved to another.  Taping a shoulder, trying to find strength to communicate the situation.

“I–I uh, threw up,” the voice was frail and weak.

The laugher ceased and confusion took over.



Throw up again – shoving itself out and making the throat rusty.

A hand come around the arm.

“Should we go out?”

A sense of fear traumatized the being.

“No–no, not outside.”

Throw up again.  Gagging.  Pain.  Would it end?

Spit would follow.  A need for some clear good water, beside the saltness of the sea.  They herded away from the vomit.

“I can’t believe that happened.”

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