jfk international airport – new york

So here I chill in New York.

Slightly disappointed in this city for not providing free wifi, but such is life. Europe is cooler when it comes to free wifi! I’ve had lots of luck there. Good thing I can use my 3G!

I have about three hours to wait till I’m on my plane to Germany, then I’ll take one to Greece and arrive home at 3:30pm. I’m always amazed by the change done within one day. At one time I’m here and then I’m there – worlds apart. I never know how to explain the differences or even how to process them. America and Europe are worlds and worlds apart – different in pace, thought and understanding.

I’ve never been to New York. I really want to visit one day, officially. I want to explore the city, see the intensity. I want to see what draws people to this ‘great’ city. What makes this city ‘The Big Apple.’

I think I just really like understanding things and discovering what I don’t know. One of my cousins always calls me nosy/gossiper because I want to know everything. But really, when it comes to the core of the matter I want to understand what I don’t. Over the years I’ve learned how to let go a bit and not find it necessary to know everything, especially concerning God. However, each city, town and place has its story to tell – I think that’s sweet.

I think it’d be fun to travel and share the stories I learn. Like go to different places and discover their views of life and share those views through the lens of my written words.

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