let a song arise

One of the beautiful things I’ve picked up is the piano.

In the past, I was taught chords (as in detesting where each note was at and then pressing the three notes together to make a chord) but I never had the patience or the desire to really discipline myself to learn.

Lately, I find freedom playing for myself and singing.

Anyways… I believe I’m at the beginning of writing a song.  One that will come slowly and touch not only my heart, but many.  Right now I only have the start.

        Am                F
Why me?  Why my heart?
                    C                      G
Why must I cry?  And feel so weak?

On Wednesday, I sat down late at night and began to sing.  Something around those lyrics came to me and for a good hour I sang to the Lord and He answered me.  He gave me courage.  However, my song didn’t begin for me, but for a group of people and sometimes, when I’d sing those words I knew they were for me too.

Then I sang again last night.  This time is was just me singing to the Lord through my hurt.  Asking Him to come and to heal my heart.

Right now, I only have the start and possibly the ending.

                Am                    F
Don’t you fret.  Don’t you worry.
                                  C         G
We’ll go through this valley, together.

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